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JS.git mission is to help people discover new trends in a modern open-source frontend world. We help open-source contributors and companies becoming recognized. JS.git was initially created for conferences to help with open-source awards ceremonies. Now it's used by journalists to find hidden gems and rising stars of a frontend open-source community. If you like the project, please consider following my twitter for updates.

Trends are being aggregated from multiple sources every hour. Project/company stays in a list as long as it's been trending for at least a day in the last month.

Top trending repositories this month

Top trending developers this month

  • fresh dutiyesh 📦 22 public repos
    individual contributor
    Frontend Developer at @BookMyShow
  • fresh camwiegert 📦 11 public repos
    individual contributor
  • fresh jlengstorf 📦 238 public repos
    individual contributor
    💻 Developer / software architect. 📢 Frequent speaker. 🎨 Occasional designer. 🍸 Mediocre bartender.

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