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JS.git mission is to help people discover new trends in a modern open-source frontend world. We help open-source contributors and companies becoming recognized. JS.git was initially created for conferences to help with open-source awards ceremonies. Now it's used by journalists to find hidden gems and rising stars of a frontend open-source community. If you like the project, please consider following my twitter for updates.

Trends are being aggregated from multiple sources every hour. Project/company stays in a list as long as it's been trending for at least a day in the last month.

Top trending repositories this month

  • fresh zeit/async-retry ⭐801
    forks: 🎄31 | open issues: 📮7 | MIT License
    Retrying made simple, easy and async
  • forks: 🎄31 | open issues: 📮13 | MIT License
    A platform for playing generative music in the browser.
  • forks: 🎄10 | open issues: 📮2 | MIT License
    🛠️A library for creating byte level data structures.
  • fresh Webiny/webiny-js ⭐233
    forks: 🎄9 | open issues: 📮75 | MIT License
    Serverless CMS (GraphQL + React)
  • fresh sindresorhus/p-lazy ⭐174
    forks: 🎄2 | open issues: 📮0 | MIT License
    Create a lazy promise that defers execution until it's awaited or when .then() or .catch() is called
  • forks: 🎄10 | open issues: 📮0
    Create diagrams of infrastructure in code
  • forks: 🎄0 | open issues: 📮0 | MIT License
    A custom partial React SSR renderer for prefetching and suspense
  • forks: 🎄5 | open issues: 📮0 | MIT License
    A collection of generative music pieces for generative.fm
  • fresh bfred-it/doma ⭐50
    forks: 🎄0 | open issues: 📮0 | MIT License
    Parse an HTML string into `DocumentFragment` or one `Element`, in a few bytes (in browser)
  • fresh matchai/bird-box ⭐44
    forks: 🎄2 | open issues: 📮3 | ISC License
    🐦💬 Update a gist to contain your latest tweet

Top trending developers this month

  • fresh generative-music 📦 8 public repos
    Repositories related to generative music, currently managed by Alex Bainter
  • fresh francisrstokes 📦 51 public repos
    individual contributor
    Full stack developer, interested in functional programming, math, and geometric visualisation. @fstokesman (twitter)
  • fresh Webiny 📦 69 public repos
    Serverless CMS
  • fresh RaoulMeyer 📦 14 public repos
    individual contributor
  • fresh matchai 📦 81 public repos
    individual contributor
    Developing performant applications and rich user experiences ✨ Mentor at Montreal @nodeschool and @freeCodeCamp ❤

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